Terms n Conditions

All the content provided on https://warpinator.com is for describing and discussing the Warpinator Software/Application, for educational and informational purposes only.

In the Blog section, we will share a lot of guides, tips, and solutions for Warpinator software. However, the Warpinator App is available, on almost all platforms including operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, etc. So frequently we will post on our blog about all of them.

You can request for a post by contacting us. If you are facing problems like downloading, installing, or using the Warpinatior software, describe your problem with screenshots. You can use this site or https://imgur.com/ for sharing the weblinks of your every screenshot.

Rules For Comment On The Warpinator Blog Posts

You are welcome to comment on Warpinator.com. But please follow the comment guideline below before making a comment or participating in a conversion of the existing commenters.

  • We hate vulg*r words. Please do not comment with vulg*r words;
  • Do not copy-paste others’ comments;
  • Please avoid the comments which are posted already;
  • Avoid comment spamming in Blog Posts;
  • If you add a phishing or spam website link on the URL field, our automated software will block the forever for commenting on the website;
  • We hate using HTML code in comments;
  • Single words or Two-word comments are not welcomed 🙁 Like Nice or Thank You;

Thank you, everybody, for visiting the Warpinator Terms n Conditions page.